CV Joints

CV joints can become worn over time with moisture and dirt leading to their corrosion. If it’s time to replace your CV joints, Mini Sport have a full range of replacement CV Joints for use in all drum brake Classic Mini’s from 1959 – 1984 and disc brake Classic Mini’s from 1984 – 2001.

Here you will also find the inner CV joint (or pot joint) as used on the Classic Mini from 1974 and the earlier rubber coupling and Hardy Spicer joints it replaced.

Just part of the range of Drivetrain products stocked here at Mini Sport which includes, ball joints, drive flanges, drive shafts, rear hubs, front swivel hubs and wheel bearings.

If you require any further information or advice on our Classic Mini Drivetrain parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to





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  1. Rubber Drive Coupling Kit 1959-76
    Special Price AU$46.72 AU$46.72 Regular Price AU$48.14
  2. Outer CV Joint - Mini Disc type 1984-01
    Special Price AU$61.28 AU$61.28 Regular Price AU$64.30
  3. Inner CV Joint - Mini 1974-01
    Special Price AU$61.26 AU$61.26 Regular Price AU$68.07
  4. Grease Satchet - for all CV Joints
    Special Price AU$1.62 AU$1.62 Regular Price AU$1.80
  5. Inner Pot Joint Boot Kit
    Special Price AU$8.70 AU$8.70 Regular Price AU$9.70
  6. Outer CV Rubber Boot Kit
    Special Price AU$7.84 AU$7.84 Regular Price AU$8.74
  7. Genuine Outer CV Joint Boot Kit
    Special Price AU$27.34 AU$27.34 Regular Price AU$28.74
  8. Hardy Spicer Output Flange - Early Mk3 Cooper S
    Special Price AU$87.98 AU$87.98 Regular Price AU$98.03
  9. Oil Seal for Hardy spicer Output Flange Bolt
    Special Price AU$4.82 AU$4.82 Regular Price AU$4.91
  10. Hardy Spicer Drive Coupling Mini Cooper S and Automatic
    Special Price AU$192.99 AU$192.99 Regular Price AU$199.33
  11. CV Joint Outer Mini - Drum type 1959-84
    Special Price AU$56.62 AU$56.62 Regular Price AU$59.40
  12. Inner Joint Repair Kit - Hardy Spicer
    Special Price AU$12.52 AU$12.52 Regular Price AU$13.10

Items 1-12 of 13

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