Handbrake Parts

To keep your Classic Mini’s handbrake operating smooth and safely, our collection of Handbrake Cables & Parts includes a range of high quality components to meet your requirements.

We have twin handbrake cables for Mini models issues 1959 – 76 and front and rear cables for Mini Models from 1976 onwards. We also supply adjusting nuts, springs, cable guides, clevis pins, washers, brackets and quadrants. Mini Sport also manufactures handbrake quadrants in a range of colours to suit all dry suspension Mini’s.

If you’d like any further details or information on our Handbrake Cables and Parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 01282 778731 or send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Mini Handbrake Levers
    Special Price AU$20.02 AU$20.02 Regular Price AU$21.60
  2. Handbrake cable protector bracket - Left Side
    Special Price AU$25.38 AU$25.38 Regular Price AU$26.42
  3. Handbrake Cable Front Fork End
    Special Price AU$11.83 AU$11.83 Regular Price AU$12.29
  4. Mini Handbrake cable guide
    Special Price AU$6.70 AU$6.70 Regular Price AU$7.33
  5. Handbrake quadrant clevis pin each
    Special Price AU$3.29 AU$3.29 Regular Price AU$3.60
  6. Handbrake cable guide seal
    Special Price AU$1.71 AU$1.71 Regular Price AU$1.80
  7. Spring Washer 3/16inch - handbrake cable guide
    Special Price AU$0.45 AU$0.45 Regular Price AU$0.50
  8. Handbrake Cable - Rear Mini 1976 on
    Special Price AU$15.28 AU$15.28 Regular Price AU$16.38
  9. Handbrake Cable - Front Mini 1976 on
    Special Price AU$8.95 AU$8.95 Regular Price AU$9.65
  10. Mini Handbrake lever clevis pin
    Special Price AU$1.58 AU$1.58 Regular Price AU$1.66
  11. Handbrake Quadrant - Dry Suspension Mini
    Special Price AU$25.38 AU$25.38 Regular Price AU$26.46
  12. Handbrake Adjusting Spring
    Special Price AU$3.35 AU$3.35 Regular Price AU$3.67

Items 1-12 of 32

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Set Descending Direction