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Mini Sport Alloy Handbrake Quadrant Pair Mini Sport Alloy Handbrake Quadrant Pair
Mini Sport Alloy Handbrake Quadrants
Handbrake Components: Ensuring Safety and Performance in Your Classic Mini

Maintaining the optimal performance of your Classic Mini's handbrake is crucial for your safety and the vehicle's longevity. At Mini Sport, we understand this importance and offer a comprehensive collection of Handbrake Cables & Parts, designed to meet your every requirement.

Our inventory includes twin handbrake cables for Mini models issued from 1959 – 76, and front and rear cables for Mini Models from 1976 onwards. We also provide an array of components such as adjusting nuts, springs, cable guides, clevis pins, washers, brackets, and quadrants. To add a personal touch to your Mini, we manufacture handbrake quadrants in a variety of colours, suitable for all dry suspension Minis.

Regular servicing of your Mini is key to ensuring its handbrake operates smoothly and safely. Using standard OEM products guarantees the best fit and performance, contributing to the overall safety of your vehicle.

At Mini Sport, we not only supply high-quality parts but also offer a professional fitting service through our Mini Workshop Services. Our team of experts can help install these components, ensuring they function as intended and contribute to your Mini's overall performance.

Handbrake Cable - Rear Mini 1976 on Handbrake Cable - Rear Mini 1976 on
Rear Handbrake Cable for Mini 1976 on

Mini Sport Quality Parts for classic Mini Mini Sport Quality Parts for classic Mini

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>Remember, a well-maintained Mini is a safe and enjoyable Mini. Trust Mini Sport for all your handbrake component needs.