Rear Lamps

Mini Sport carries a complete range rear lamps and components for all Classic Minis. We supply the small rear lamp assemblies used on the MK1 Mini 1959-1966, the larger rear lamp assemblies used on the MK2 and early MK3 Mini 1967-1972 and the rear lamp assemblies with reverse lights used on the Mini from 1972-2001. We also have the full range of lenses, gaskets and bulbs available separately.

Here at Mini Sport we also stock rear number plate lamps, rear fog lamps, clear rear lens kits, fog light brackets and reversing lamps.

Shop our Rear Lamps today, part of Mini Sport’s Electrical & Lighting department which includes Headlamps & Components, Interior Lights, Indicators, Lamp Pods, Spot Lamps and Spot Lamp Brackets.

If you require any further information or a little advice on any Classic Mini lighting products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Mk 4/5 Rear Stop/Tail Lens Left Side
    Special Price AU$9.83 AU$9.83 Regular Price AU$10.34
  2. Mk2/3 Rear Lens - Left Side
    Special Price AU$29.48 AU$29.48 Regular Price AU$31.50
  3. Mk1 Rear Indicator Lens Left Side
    Special Price AU$11.08 AU$11.08 Regular Price AU$11.48
  4. Number Plate Lamp - Mk1 Chrome
    Special Price AU$47.70 AU$47.70 Regular Price AU$50.14
  5. Screw for Genuine Rear Fog Lamp Lens
    Special Price AU$0.75 AU$0.75 Regular Price AU$0.84
  6. Mk2/3 Rear Lamp Assembly - Right Hand
    Special Price AU$104.65 AU$104.65 Regular Price AU$107.71
  7. Rubber Grommet - for Rear Fog Lamp Cable - Mk4 on
    Special Price AU$4.04 AU$4.04 Regular Price AU$4.50
  8. Mk4/5 Clear Rear Lens Kit inc Bulbs
    Special Price AU$23.88 AU$23.88 Regular Price AU$26.50
  9. Reversing Lamp - Chrome
    Special Price AU$257.11 AU$257.11 Regular Price AU$267.43
  10. Number Plate Lamp Lens
    Special Price AU$6.92 AU$6.92 Regular Price AU$7.26
  11. Festoon Bulb - Number Plate Lamp & Interior Light
    Special Price AU$1.06 AU$1.06 Regular Price AU$1.18
  12. Mk 4/5 Rear Stop/Tail Lens Right Side
    Special Price AU$4.57 AU$4.57 Regular Price AU$4.80

Items 1-12 of 43

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