Classic mini Steering Wheels:

Experience the joy of driving with Mini Sport's premium selection of steering wheels for your classic Mini
We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of steering wheels and accessories, including Moto-Lita steering wheels, Mini Sport steering wheels, classic Mini steering wheels, Mountney steering wheels, and SpringAlex steering wheels.
Whether you're looking to restore your Mini to its former glory or customize it to match your driving style, our carefully-picked Mini steering range has something for everyone. Choose from the originals, available in wooden, vinyl, or leather options, evoking the spirit of the classic Mini.
For those seeking customization, we have a vast selection of steering wheels in various diameters and finishes, perfect for all occasions and driving styles.
In addition to the steering wheels themselves, we also offer a wide range of Mini steering accessories, including boss kits, Quick release boss kits, and Swivel Locks to improve the capabilities and security of your Mini and steering equipment.
As a family-run business with unrivaled expertise in all things Mini, we're here to provide you with the best value parts and the ultimate Mini driving experience. Whether you're an everyday runner or a passionate rally enthusiast, our range of Mini steering wheels and accessories will enhance your journey.
Feel free to browse our collection and click on any product for more information. Should you have any questions about our steering wheels or any other Mini-related inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 01282 778731 or Get ready to take control and elevate your Mini driving experience with Mini Sport.