Castrol Classic Merchandise

Castrol is a British manufacturer of premium automotive lubricants, oils and greases with an international reputation for quality and innovation. Established in 1899, Castrol have become synonymous with the automotive and motorsport industry, leading many race and rally champions to victory. At Mini Sport, our selection of Castrol Classic Merchandise as part of our broader Accessories & Merchandise department, encompasses the heritage of the iconic brand with vintage and retro posters, stickers, badges, clothing and accessories which evoke the original ethos and style of the Castrol brand. 

If you wish to enquire about our range of Castrol Classic Merchandise please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 1282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to  


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  1. Castrol Classic Key Fob
    Special Price AU$11.08 AU$11.08 Regular Price AU$11.97
  2. Castrol Bodywork Sticker
    Special Price AU$5.49 AU$5.49 Regular Price AU$6.02
  3. Castrol Bodywork Decal - Small
    Special Price AU$3.02 AU$3.02 Regular Price AU$3.36
  4. Castrol Posters - Set of 4
    Special Price AU$36.33 AU$36.33 Regular Price AU$47.58
  5. Castrol Oil - XL20w50 ( 1 Ltr)
    Special Price AU$14.06 AU$14.06 Regular Price AU$15.20
  6. Castrol Pint Pouring Jug
    Special Price AU$15.31 AU$15.31 Regular Price AU$16.82
  7. Castrol Fridge Magnet
    Special Price AU$8.44 AU$8.44 Regular Price AU$9.27
  8. Castrol Windscreen Service Sticker
    Special Price AU$1.25 AU$1.25 Regular Price AU$1.37
  9. Castrol Bodywork Decal - Large
    Special Price AU$4.43 AU$4.43 Regular Price AU$4.94
  10. Castrol Classic Baseball Cap
    Special Price AU$17.46 AU$17.46 Regular Price AU$18.89
  11. Castrol Classic Enamelled Tin Mug
    Special Price AU$9.46 AU$9.46 Regular Price AU$10.39
  12. Castrol Classic Enamel Sign
    Special Price AU$63.42 AU$63.42 Regular Price AU$68.55

Items 1-12 of 24

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