Exhaust Downpipes

Shop Mini Exhaust Downpipes as part of our Exhaust Parts & Systems at Mini Sport. We supply a complete range of standard Mini Exhaust Downpipes with emphasis on quality and reliability.

Our selection of Exhaust Downpipes includes OE (original specification) replacement models and downpipes from prestigious motoring brands like Maniflow, Play Mini and Mini Sport, including “Magic” downpipes to fit larger bore Exhaust Systems to standard Mini Manifolds. Our range of downpipes covers the full range of Classic Mini and Mini Cooper models including SPi and MPi Mini’s.

If you require any further advice or information on our Exhaust Downpipes please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Standard Injection Exhaust Downpipe 1992-2001
    Special Price AU$79.35 AU$79.35 Regular Price AU$81.90
  2. Superflow Performance Magic Down Pipe
    Special Price AU$47.96 AU$47.96 Regular Price AU$51.49
  3. Magic Downpipe
    Special Price AU$69.27 AU$69.27 Regular Price AU$71.65
  4. Standard Rover Carb Exhaust Downpipe 1990-1994 HS4/HIF38
    Special Price AU$59.39 AU$59.39 Regular Price AU$61.77
  5. Turbo Downpipe
    Special Price AU$92.42 AU$92.42 Regular Price AU$95.68
  6. Maniflow Downpipe with Link Pipe - Injection
    Special Price AU$177.38 AU$177.38 Regular Price AU$181.73
  7. Injection Downpipe
    Special Price AU$137.99 AU$137.99 Regular Price AU$143.22
  8. Maniflow Downpipe with Link Pipe - Twin Carb
    Special Price AU$192.21 AU$192.21 Regular Price AU$198.98
  9. Holts Firegum Exhaust Paste 150g
    Special Price AU$6.22 AU$6.22 Regular Price AU$6.44
  10. Manilfow Downpipe for HIF carburettor - Mini Cooper '90on
    Special Price AU$146.49 AU$146.49 Regular Price AU$154.30

10 Items

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