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As part of the broader Mini Body & Panels department at Mini Sport, we stock a range of Badges, Decals & Plates designed with the Mini in mind and styled to meet the requirements in all competition applications, including Rally & Race. Browse Bonnet Badges, Boot Badges, Competition Numbers, Decals & Stripes, Engine & Chassis Plates, Side Badges and a range of classically inspired, custom Stickers & Transfers.

For further information or advice on our Badges, Decals & Plates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Mini Thirty Decal Kit - Sides & Boot - Black Mini
    Special Price AU$54.39 AU$54.39 Regular Price AU$56.03
  2. Roof Decal Kit - Union Jack - 2 Colour
    Special Price AU$82.46 AU$82.46 Regular Price AU$86.67
  3. White Bonnet Stripes - Black Signature
    Special Price AU$30.20 AU$30.20 Regular Price AU$31.33
  4. John Cooper Styling Kit - Laurels & Side Stripes - Silver
    Special Price AU$40.39 AU$40.39 Regular Price AU$41.61
  5. Racing Green Decal Kit - Sides & Boot
    Special Price AU$54.39 AU$54.39 Regular Price AU$56.03
  6. Classic Cooper S Roundel - Laurels & Side Stripes - Black
    Special Price AU$55.91 AU$55.91 Regular Price AU$57.61
  7. Roof Decal Kit - Union Jack - Wavy
    Special Price AU$148.43 AU$148.43 Regular Price AU$155.99
  8. Bonnet Stripes - Screen Printed Black and White Chequer
    Special Price AU$39.58 AU$39.58 Regular Price AU$41.60
  9. Chrome 850 Mk2 Mini Boot Badge
    Special Price AU$15.24 AU$15.24 Regular Price AU$15.77
  10. Chrome 1275 Mk2 Cooper S Boot Badge
    Special Price AU$24.63 AU$24.63 Regular Price AU$25.64
  11. Cooper S Mk3 Bonnet Badge
    Special Price AU$38.32 AU$38.32 Regular Price AU$40.46
  12. Morris Cooper MK2 Boot Badge
    Special Price AU$26.59 AU$26.59 Regular Price AU$27.30

Items 1-12 of 212

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