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Take a look at the Mini Sport range of Sound Insulation for Classic Mini – part of our wider Mini Interior Trim department. Our Sound Insulation has been sourced for quality and reliability for use in all Classic Mini applications including Mini Cooper, Mini Estate, Riley Elf and Mini Clubman. Our sound insulation is provided in sets with complete Bonnet and Bulkhead insulation kits available for a range of Classic Mini models.

As part of our selection Seats & Covers department, we also stock 

For further information or advice on our Sound Insulation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Bonnet and Bulkhead Insulation Kit - Mini Clubman
    Special Price AU$102.31 AU$102.31 Regular Price AU$105.68
  2. Bonnet Insulation Kit 4 Piece - Mini 70-00
    Special Price AU$62.80 AU$62.80 Regular Price AU$64.46
  3. Bonnet and Bulkhead Insulation Kit - Mini 70 on
    Special Price AU$77.80 AU$77.80 Regular Price AU$79.94
  4. Bonnet and Bulkhead Insulation Kit - Mini 59-70
    Special Price AU$82.42 AU$82.42 Regular Price AU$85.14
  5. Carpet Underfelt Kit Mini Saloon all models
    Special Price AU$67.00 AU$67.00 Regular Price AU$69.21
  6. Sound Insulation Kit - Mini Estate
    Special Price AU$78.91 AU$78.91 Regular Price AU$81.77
  7. Bonnet Insulation Kit - Elf Hornet
    Special Price AU$109.71 AU$109.71 Regular Price AU$114.07
  8. Sound Deadening Felt - Bulkhead
    Special Price AU$41.44 AU$41.44 Regular Price AU$42.80
  9. Bonnet Insulation Kit - Mini 70-00
    Special Price AU$71.55 AU$71.55 Regular Price AU$73.42
  10. Sound Insulation Kit - Mini Saloon
    Special Price AU$72.74 AU$72.74 Regular Price AU$75.66
  11. Foam Insulation Pad - Bulkhead
    Special Price AU$112.52 AU$112.52 Regular Price AU$118.80
  12. Sound Insulation - 2m Length
    Special Price AU$19.55 AU$19.55 Regular Price AU$20.81

Items 1-12 of 17

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