Outer CV Joint - Mini Disc type 1984-01

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Outer CV joint to suit all classic Mini models with disc type brakes including Cooper S, 1275GT plus all models from 1984 onwards.
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Mini outer CV Joint, complete with grease, rubber boot, metal fixing straps, drive shaft spring clip and drive flange nut, to suit all classic Mini models fitted with front disk brakes.  Including Cooper 'S' or 1275GT with 7.5" brake discs or all Mini models from 1984 onwards fitted with 8.4" brake discs.

For Mini Cooper 997cc or 998cc fitted with 7" disc brakes or Minis with front drum type brakes please use - GCV1105.

Mini Sport recommends -

- When replacing the cv joint it is also recommended to renew the split collar behind the castle nut, FAM9270.

- CV boots should be checked on a regular basis, so if you find a split or damaged area this boot can be easily replaced using this CV joint boot repair kit, GSV1185R

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What are CV Joints?

CV Joints or Constant Velocity joints are fitted to all Minis, at both ends of the drive shafts, to transfer torque from the gearbox to the drive wheels.  Outer CV Joints connect the drive shafts to the wheels, whilst the inner CV joints connect the drive shafts to the differential and gearbox.

CV Joint Problems

A CV joint is packed with a special high velocity grease and sealed tight with the rubber boot, that is held in place with two clamps.  The most common problem with CV Joints is when the protective boot splits or is damaged, allowing the grease to escape with dirt and moisture getting in, causing the CV Joint to wear and eventually fail.

Symptoms of a failing CV Joint

Sudden failures of constant velocity joints are rare, but CV Joints do wear out and may fail as a result of loss of lubrication or grease contamination, usually due to a failed boot.

 - Clicking noise when turning. 

- Clunk when accelerating or decelerating  

- Humming or growling noise, from the front. 

- A shudder or vibration when accelerating. 

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