Exhaust Manifolds

Here at Mini Sport, we stock a broad range of Exhausts & Exhaust Components as part of our Mini Mechanical Parts department. Our selection of Manifolds features a diverse range of Manifold styles for compatibility with your Classic Mini and Engine type. 

Our Manifolds reach the highest specification in terms of quality and reliability with featured brands like Maniflow, Play Mini and Sportex gaining popularity amongst Mini drivers.

We supply LCB, 3 Branch and ‘3 into 1’ type Manifolds that have been specifically adapted for Road and Race specification – designed for power increase and unparalleled build quality. Alongside our range of Manifolds, we also stock essential Manifold parts & components, which includes Locating Rings, Maniflold Y Pieces and Exhaust Manifold Studs.

Please note that we stock an extensive range of Exhaust parts & components with Catalytic Convertors, Exhaust Fitting Kits, Manifolds and a range of Exhaust sytems from prestigious brands like Maniflow, Play Mini, Quicksilver, Sportex and Superflow – all available for Worldwide delivery.

If you need further information about our Exhaust Manifolds and their suitability with your Classic Mini’s Exhaust System, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Maniflow LCB Manifold - Mini Carb 90-94 NO Link Pipe
    Special Price AU$162.21 AU$162.21 Regular Price AU$177.72
  2. Maniflow LCB Manifold - Mini Injection 92-01
    Special Price AU$176.27 AU$176.27 Regular Price AU$182.48
  3. Maniflow LCB Manifold Y Piece
    Special Price AU$81.78 AU$81.78 Regular Price AU$85.21
  4. Maniflow Large Bore LCB Manifold - Stainless Steel
    Special Price AU$710.71 AU$710.71 Regular Price AU$775.45
  5. Maniflow High Flow 3 into 1 manifold - Road - carburettor
    Special Price AU$497.49 AU$497.49 Regular Price AU$515.00
  6. Maniflow Inlet Manifold - Weber DCOE
    Special Price AU$276.14 AU$276.14 Regular Price AU$285.86
  7. Maniflow LCB Manifold - Mini Injection incl Link Pipe 92-01
    Special Price AU$243.90 AU$243.90 Regular Price AU$252.50
  8. Maniflow LCB Manifold - Stainless - Injection incl Link Pipe 92-01
    Special Price AU$650.29 AU$650.29 Regular Price AU$672.20
  9. Stage 2 LCB - with larger centre-pipe - Injection
    Special Price AU$219.31 AU$219.31 Regular Price AU$227.03
  10. Exhaust Manifold Stud - Injection
    Special Price AU$5.15 AU$5.15 Regular Price AU$5.51
  11. Exhaust Manifold Brass Nut - Short type
    Special Price AU$0.89 AU$0.89 Regular Price AU$1.02

Items 1-12 of 38

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