Radiator Hoses

Take a look at our full range of top quality replacement rubber radiator hoses available for all Classic Mini models and engines from 1959-2001.

We have top radiator hoses, bottom radiator hoses, overflow pipe and hose securing clips. We also supply Samco silicone hose kits in a variety of colours for all Mini models including the Clubman 1275GT and the Mini Cooper SPI.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Explore the rest of our Cooling & Heating department with radiators, radiator caps, expansion tanks, radiator brackets & fixings, oil cooler elements and oil cooler pipes also available.

For more information and advice get in touch with a member of our experienced team on 01282 778731 alternatively you can contact us by e-mail sales@minisport.com

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  1. Top Hose - Rover Cooper HIF44 carb 1990-92
    Special Price AU$6.81 AU$6.81 Regular Price AU$8.51
  2. Top Hose - 1275 HIF38 carb & SPi 1990-96
    Special Price AU$41.94 AU$41.94 Regular Price AU$43.70
  3. Bottom Hose - SPi 1992-96
    Special Price AU$46.92 AU$46.92 Regular Price AU$57.65
  4. Bottom Hose - Rover HIF38 carb 1991-94
    Special Price AU$97.80 AU$97.80 Regular Price AU$99.80
  5. Top Hose - 850/998cc 1959-67
    Special Price AU$5.55 AU$5.55 Regular Price AU$7.39
  6. Samco Silicone Hose Kit - Cooper S - Black
    Special Price AU$179.95 AU$179.95 Regular Price AU$185.82
  7. Samco Silicone Hose Kit - SPi - Black
    Special Price AU$306.66 AU$306.66 Regular Price AU$316.67
  8. Thermostat to Manifold Heater Pipe - SPi 1990-96
    Special Price AU$28.33 AU$28.33 Regular Price AU$31.10
  9. Bottom Hose - Rover Cooper HIF44 carb 1990-92
    Special Price AU$42.09 AU$42.09 Regular Price AU$51.72
  10. Top Hose - 850/998cc 1967-89
    Special Price AU$5.67 AU$5.67 Regular Price AU$6.28
  11. Top Hose - 1275cc Mk3 Cooper S
    Special Price AU$6.49 AU$6.49 Regular Price AU$7.11
  12. Bottom Hose - 850/988/1275 - no heater 1959-89
    Special Price AU$6.55 AU$6.55 Regular Price AU$8.27

Items 1-12 of 48

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