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Shock Absorbers for classic Mini Shock Absorbers for classic Mini
Shock Absorbers for Classic Mini: Reinventing the Drive

If there’s one component that exemplifies the core essence of a vehicle's handling and performance, it's the shock absorber. These are not just mechanical parts; they are a bridge between your classic Mini and the open road. As the pivotal element in the suspension system, top-notch shock absorbers assure a seamless and secure ride, ensuring that every twist, turn, and brake is executed with precision.

Decades of Excellence with Mini Sport

At Mini Sport, we pride ourselves on preserving the legacy of the classic Mini. Backed by over half a century of unparalleled experience, we’ve continually delivered products that mirror the iconic Mini's core values - quality, performance, and timeless style. Every shock absorber we offer is not just a part but a testament to our unwavering commitment to offering superior quality and unmatched value.

Mini Sport quality parts you can trust Mini Sport quality parts you can trust
Our Elite Range of Shock Absorbers

Bilstein B4 Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers: A legacy product from Bilstein, providing unmatched performance for Minis manufactured between 1959-2001. A perfect blend of durability and technology.

KYB Premium Oil Shock Absorbers: Engineered for enhanced performance, these absorbers redefine ride quality, making every drive an experience to cherish.

SPAX Adjustable Shock Absorbers: Tailored to your preferences, available in vibrant yellow and red, these absorbers give you the liberty to customise your Mini's ride.

GAZ Shock Absorbers: Synonymous with quality and performance, GAZ absorbers have been fine-tuned to provide optimal support and response for your Mini. Through rigorous testing and design, they are perfect for drivers seeking a top-tier experience.

Koni Shock Absorbers: With a rich heritage in motor racing and a commitment to innovation, Koni delivers unparalleled shock absorbers that stand the test of time. Paired with our extensive range, these are truly a cut above the rest.

With an expansive array of options, you’re not just buying a part; you’re investing in an experience, a part of history.

Mini Sport: Where Legacy Meets Excellence

For more than 55 years our journey in the realm of Mini accessories and parts isn’t just about business; it's about passion. From suspension components to bespoke customisation kits, our offerings are the embodiment of craftsmanship, quality, and authenticity.

For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, Mini Sport stands tall as the beacon of trust and excellence. Dive deep into our expansive collection, and let’s redefine the way you experience your classic Mini. Connect with us at 01282 778731 or drop an email at Together, let's keep the Mini legacy alive and revving!

KYB Shock Absorbers:
Precision-Driven Mini Mastery

Shock absorbers define a car's response to roads. For the iconic Classic Mini, KYB is the gold standard in excellence.

Why KYB for Your Classic Mini?
  • Ride Quality: KYB's Oil Shock Absorbers provide an enhanced, confident drive, optimizing control and smoothness.

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Refined over years, KYB shocks offer a perfect fit for the Classic Mini's unique dynamics.

  • Endurance & Excellence: KYB emphasizes both performance and longevity, keeping your Mini classic in style and function.

  • Easy Integration: KYB designs ensure a hassle-free installation and replacement experience.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers:
A Legacy of Precision and Performance

Bilstein stands out in automotive excellence with its advanced damping technology. Complementing the Classic Mini's British legacy, Bilstein exemplifies unmatched engineering.

Why Bilstein for Your Classic Mini?
  • Unmatched Performance: The Bilstein B4 Shock Absorbers ensure a controlled, smooth ride on any terrain.

  • Versatility: Suitable for Minis from 1959 to 2001, Bilstein caters to all enthusiasts.

  • Durability: Rigorously tested, Bilstein shocks aren’t just durable; they enhance the drive.

  • Easy Fit: Bilstein's design guarantees effortless integration with your Mini.


GAZ Shock Absorbers:
Where Mini Tradition Meets Modern Mastery

Shock absorbers are the backbone of ride quality. Pairing the Classic Mini with GAZ’s engineering prowess unlocks unparalleled driving excellence.

Why GAZ for Your Classic Mini?
  • Tailored Drive: GAZ shocks, precision-crafted, guarantee a ride that authentically captures the Classic Mini spirit.

  • Built to Last: Known for durability, GAZ ensures long-lasting and consistently peak performance.

  • Perfect Harmony: GAZ designs meld seamlessly with the Mini's iconic structure, promising an efficient fit.

  • Cutting-Edge Evolution: GAZ continually refines its technology, keeping your Classic Mini at the forefront of shock absorption innovation.

SPAX Shock Absorbers:
Classic Mini Elegance Meets Contemporary Mastery

The Classic Mini, an emblem of British car artistry, is perfectly complemented by Spax's blend of advanced tech and steadfast dependability.

Why Choose Spax for Your Classic Mini?
  • Performance Precision: Spax, rooted in meticulous design, refines the Classic Mini ride for smoothness and reactivity.

  • Customizable Dynamics: Spax allows Mini aficionados to tailor their ride, balancing between plush comfort and keen agility.

  • Reliable Durability: Crafted from top-tier materials and tested thoroughly, Spax is synonymous with lasting resilience.

  • Seamless Blend: With a design made for the Classic Mini, Spax ensures an impeccable merger of aesthetics and efficiency

KONI Shock Absorbers:
Classic Mini Elegance, Elevated by Koni Expertise

The Classic Mini's enduring charm pairs flawlessly with Koni's advanced damping tech, crafting a ride deserving of the Mini's legendary appeal.

Why KONI for Your Classic Mini?
  • Tech Excellence: Beyond mere shock absorption, Koni refines every drive nuance, amplifying the Mini's inherent stability and agility.

  • Sturdy & Reliable: Koni's shocks are built for endurance, ensuring long-standing performance for your cherished Mini.

  • Personalised Ride: With adjustable settings, Koni empowers drivers to fine-tune their ride for a truly individual driving experience.

  • Seamless Fusion: Koni guarantees an impeccable integration, merging Classic Mini's vintage allure with contemporary damping mastery.

GMAX Dampers for Classic Mini:
A Synthesis of Precision and Affordability

GMAX stands at the intersection of innovative design and value, offering a unique blend of performance and economy in the world of suspension technology. For the Classic Mini enthusiast seeking an effective balance between cost and quality, GMAX Dampers present an optimal choice.

Designed to elevate the Mini's driving dynamics without breaking the bank, these dampers are the embodiment of efficiency and reliability. Explore the GMAX advantage with Mini Sport and let your Classic Mini ride with renewed zest.