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Wheel Bearings:

Rear Wheel Bearing Kit - Genuine - Taper Roller type - Drum 1959-01 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit - Genuine - Taper Roller type - Drum 1959-01
Genuine Rear Wheel Bearing Kit for Drum Type Minis 1959-01
Wheel Bearings for Classic Mini

At Mini Sport, we offer an extensive collection of front and rear wheel bearing kits and hub seals, suitable for all models of Classic Mini from 1959 to 2001. As part of our commitment to providing the best for our customers, we also offer a wide range of essential parts and components for all brake and wheel systems. Explore our Brake selections as part of Mini Sport's Mini Mechanical Parts.

Our range includes Wheel Bearing Kits from leading manufacturers like TIMKEN, known for their superior quality and durability. Whether you're looking for replacement parts or upgrading your Mini's wheel system, our selection has got you covered.

Our wheel bearings are manufactured to OEM standards, ensuring they deliver the quality and reliability you expect from original specification parts. Regular servicing of your Mini's wheel bearings is crucial to ensure the safety and smooth operation of your vehicle.

These crucial components in a vehicle's wheel assembly reduce friction and ensure smooth rotation of the wheels. They are typically found in the hub, the part where the wheel and the brake assembly connect to the axle, or in the brake drum or rotor, and they physically bear the vehicle's weight.

The primary purpose of wheel bearings is to allow the wheels to rotate with minimal friction. They spread out the load, allowing the wheel to spin smoothly and easily. Wheel bearings support the vehicle's weight and absorb the load from both axial and radial directions. They are sealed to keep in lubrication and keep out dirt, water, and other contaminants, prolonging their life and maintaining their performance.

Front Wheel Bearing Kit - Ball Bearing type - Drum 1959-01 Front Wheel Bearing Kit - Ball Bearing type - Drum 1959-01
Front Wheel Bearing Kit Ball Bearing type for Minis 1959-01

Mini Sport Brake Servicing Mini Sport Brake Servicing

Regular servicing of your Mini is essential to maintain the performance and safety of your vehicle. Signs of a failing or bad wheel bearing can include a humming or grinding noise coming from the wheel area, poor handling, uneven tire wear, and in extreme cases, a wheel that wobbles or seems loose. It's important to address these issues promptly as a failing wheel bearing can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle, and in the worst-case scenario, the wheel could come off while driving.

Mini Sport Quality Parts for classic Mini Mini Sport Quality Parts for classic Mini
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At Mini Sport, we understand the importance of maintaining your Mini to the highest standard. That's why we offer a fitting service through our Mini Workshop Services. Our team of experts can help with the installation of your wheel bearings, ensuring they are fitted correctly and safely.

For further details and information on our wheel bearings, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 01282 778731 or email We are always here to help with all your Mini needs.