Side Panels

Shop a complete range of Side Panels for Classic Mini as part of the Mini Body & Panels department at Mini Sport. Our collection of genuine, OE (original specification) replacement side panels for Mini includes A Panels, Door Parts & Hinges, Seam Cover Strips, Door Frame Repair, Side Panels, Rear Wheel Arches, Doors & Skins, Sills & Jacking Points and Stainless Body Trims.

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Rear Valance Parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Clubman Estate Full Inner Sill 1974 on RH
    Special Price AU$37.15 AU$37.15 Regular Price AU$38.65
  2. Mk1 Side Panel Rear Arch Repair LH
    Special Price AU$35.37 AU$35.37 Regular Price AU$36.80
  3. MK3 Side Panel Bottom Repair Piece RH
    Special Price AU$25.58 AU$25.58 Regular Price AU$26.35
  4. Radius Arm Shroud Mini Mk1 LH
    Special Price AU$22.42 AU$22.42 Regular Price AU$23.31
  5. Mk3 Aluminium Door Skin LH
    Special Price AU$79.77 AU$79.77 Regular Price AU$82.20
  6. Mk3 Door Skin No Top Support Rail (Grasstrack) LH
    Special Price AU$61.93 AU$61.93 Regular Price AU$64.42
  7. Stainless Steel Door Shims
    Special Price AU$13.19 AU$13.19 Regular Price AU$13.87
  8. Door Check Strap Bracket - Mini Mk1/2 & Commercial
    Special Price AU$5.33 AU$5.33 Regular Price AU$5.49
  9. Retaining Plate Mk1 Door Buffer 14A6833
    Special Price AU$7.50 AU$7.50 Regular Price AU$7.72
  10. Rear Wheel Arch Stiffener RH
    Special Price AU$27.72 AU$27.72 Regular Price AU$29.28
  11. Genuine A Post & Door Step Repair RH - Mk3 1970-2001
    Special Price AU$151.56 AU$151.56 Regular Price AU$155.55

Items 1-12 of 286

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