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Mini Sport Specialist Tools: currently displaying a full range of high quality Mini Specialist Tools for all models and age of Mini including Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 and Mk5.

Genuine, OEM (Original Equipment) and replacement specialist parts for all models from the early Mini to the Mini Cooper and Cooper S models, MPi and SPi.

Please browse through our comprehensive sections, if you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1282 778731 or email sales@minisport.com and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Worldwide Mail Order specialists, and our very own European van delivery service, combined with our vast stocks, Mini Sport can offer a fast delivery service to almost any destination in the world.


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  1. Flywheel Puller Tool - Heavy Duty
    Special Price AU$52.81 AU$52.81 Regular Price AU$54.72
  2. V Coil Helicoil Recoil Kit 3/8'' UNC
    Special Price AU$68.40 AU$68.40 Regular Price AU$82.55
  3. Sump Plug Recoil Kit - Mini Sump Plug 5/8'' UNC
    Special Price AU$109.30 AU$109.30 Regular Price AU$113.22
  4. Ball Joint Flywheel Bolt Socket 1.1/2'' AF
    Special Price AU$32.56 AU$32.56 Regular Price AU$33.73
  5. Windscreen Locking Strip Tool
    Special Price AU$18.74 AU$18.74 Regular Price AU$19.44
  6. Engine Mounting Bolt Special Holding Tool
    Special Price AU$23.85 AU$23.85 Regular Price AU$25.34
  7. Throttle Spindle bush fitting tool
    Special Price AU$11.66 AU$11.66 Regular Price AU$12.31
  8. Intake Air flow Meter
    Special Price AU$111.57 AU$111.57 Regular Price AU$114.95
  9. Mini Sport Engine Hoist Tool
    Special Price AU$123.21 AU$123.21 Regular Price AU$128.22
  10. Tool Pouch In Black Hardura
    Special Price AU$87.07 AU$87.07 Regular Price AU$89.93
  11. Sparco Cross Wheel Brace Holder
    Special Price AU$31.55 AU$31.55 Regular Price AU$33.17
  12. V Coil Helicoil Recoil Kit 5/16'' UNC
    Special Price AU$62.26 AU$62.26 Regular Price AU$64.49

Items 1-12 of 27

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