Drive Flanges

Check out our superb range of Classic Mini Drive Flanges manufactured here at Mini Sport!

We provide standard specification, Drive Flanges for 1959-1984 Minis with drum front brakes. Mini Cooper S Disc Brake Drive Flanges in standard specification EN8 steel, in hardened EN24 steel and in lightweight aluminium for Race, Hill Climb and Sprint Cars.

Our heavy duty Drive Flanges are manufactured to original specification for Mini 1984 – 2001 Disc Brakes, with Drive Flanges in original specification EN8 steel, hardened EN24 steel and lightened aluminium for reliability and performance. Whatever your requirements, we have Drive Flanges, Brake Calipers, Disc Brake Assemblies and other essential Brake parts and components for your classic Mini Brake system.

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  1. Screw - 1/4"UNF x 5/8" Countersunk
    Special Price AU$1.02 AU$1.02 Regular Price AU$1.37
  2. Bolt - Drive Flange
    Special Price AU$2.87 AU$2.87 Regular Price AU$2.96
  3. Drive Flange - Cooper S & Early 1275GT
    Special Price AU$28.38 AU$28.38 Regular Price AU$33.86
  4. Drive Flange Alloy Lightweight - Cooper S & Early 1275GT
    Special Price AU$117.27 AU$117.27 Regular Price AU$132.35
  5. Drive Flange - Disc type - 1984-01
    Special Price AU$37.19 AU$37.19 Regular Price AU$45.31
  6. Mini Sport Alloy Drive Flange - Disc type
    Special Price AU$112.05 AU$112.05 Regular Price AU$132.35
  7. Drive Flange - Disc type 1984-01- Hardened EN24 Steel
    Special Price AU$52.12 AU$52.12 Regular Price AU$61.32
  8. Drive Flange Spacer Collar - Drum Brake
    Special Price AU$4.01 AU$4.01 Regular Price AU$4.94
  9. Drive Flange bolt
    Special Price AU$4.48 AU$4.48 Regular Price AU$5.00
  10. Drive Flange HD EN24 - Cooper S & Early 1275GT
    Special Price AU$40.46 AU$40.46 Regular Price AU$47.96
  11. Drive Flange - Drum type 1959-84
    Special Price AU$37.15 AU$37.15 Regular Price AU$46.54

11 Items

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