COOPER Mini Collection

When we were approached by Mike Cooper, son of the legendary John Cooper with the prospect of re-launching the ‘Cooper Car Company’ in association with Mini Sport, we were overwhelmed with a fresh enthusiasm for the original heritage of Cooper and one of the biggest names in Mini.

The Cooper Car Company has been influential in the rise and success of the Mini and the heritage of the brand can be channeled in both classic and contemporary Mini’s with performance, economy and style always in mind. Mini Sport worked with Cooper Car Co. previously with the original Cooper conversion and tuning kits created here at Mini Sport, the first time round in the 1980’s. Our innovation in engineering and the success of our thriving M.A.D department has enabled us to work hard to develop parts and assemblies that are perfectly suited to enhance the driving experience of Mini and our range of engineered Cooper Car Company Tuning Kits and Brake Assemblies continue to gain international acclaim.

Our exclusive Cooper Car Company collections are internationally recognised for reliability and power – taking direct inspiration from the original parts designed by John Cooper and Charles Cooper when the company was founded in 1946, with classic styling and high-grade quality.

Browse Cooper Car Company Interior, Cooper Car Company Exterior, Cooper Memorabilia and Cooper Car Company Engine Tuning Kits, exclusively available at Mini Sport. Please note, we recommend that when fitting a Tuning Kit a trip on the Mini Sport Rolling Road is recommended to diagnose power and fix emissions. Our Service Centre and Body Shop offer a complete Cooper Car Company Conversions.

For further information or advice on any of our Cooper Car Company Products or Cooper Conversion Services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Cooper Alloy Billet Window Winders - Silver
    Special Price AU$142.60 AU$142.60 Regular Price AU$154.16
  2. Cooper Alloy Billet Door Lock Covers - Silver
    Special Price AU$55.67 AU$55.67 Regular Price AU$58.59
  3. Cooper Seat Extension Brackets
    Special Price AU$32.21 AU$32.21 Regular Price AU$33.91
  4. Cooper Stainless Door Sill Edgings
    Special Price AU$49.91 AU$49.91 Regular Price AU$53.96
  5. Cooper Pin Badge
    Special Price AU$4.27 AU$4.27 Regular Price AU$4.63
  6. Cooper Pen - Green
    Special Price AU$2.78 AU$2.78 Regular Price AU$3.09
  7. Cooper Alloy Sports Water Bottle
    Special Price AU$14.26 AU$14.26 Regular Price AU$15.41
  8. Cooper 8.4" Std 4 pot Alloy Caliper Brake Conversion Road Kit - Black
    Special Price AU$584.36 AU$584.36 Regular Price AU$615.11
  9. Cooper Alloy Billet Door Pulls - Silver
    Special Price AU$117.16 AU$117.16 Regular Price AU$123.32
  10. Cooper Alloy Gear Knob
    Special Price AU$53.65 AU$53.65 Regular Price AU$69.38
  11. Cooper Chrome Fuel Cap - RH Tank
    Special Price AU$55.61 AU$55.61 Regular Price AU$60.13

Items 1-12 of 126

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