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Mini Sport Brake Kits for classic Mini Mini Sport Brake Kits for classic Mini

Mini Sport 8.4" Vented Brake Kit with Alloy Calipers Mini Sport 8.4" Vented Brake Kit with Alloy Calipers
8.4" Vented Brake Kit with Alloy Calipers
Brake Kits: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Classic Mini

When it comes to the performance and safety of your classic Mini, the braking system plays a pivotal role. At Mini Sport, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient braking system, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of Mini brake kits designed to cater to every classic model.

Preserving the Authenticity with Standard OEM Brake Kits

For those who value the originality and authenticity of their classic Minis, we offer standard OEM brake kits. These kits are designed to match the exact specifications of the original manufacturer, ensuring that your Mini retains its classic charm while benefiting from modern performance and safety standards. These kits are perfect for those who wish to keep their Minis in perfect, original condition, while ensuring optimal performance and safety.

A Wide Selection of High-Performance Brake Kits

Our selection of performance brake kits ranges from easy-to-fit 4-Pot Alloy Calliper Conversion Kits that include 7.5”, 8.4” discs, to 7.9” and 8.4” Vented discs. We also stock Surestop Brake Kits and the popular 12” to 10” Brake Conversion Kits, allowing for the fitting of 10” wheels to Mini’s issued from 1984 and onwards.

The ‘R’ Range: A New Standard in Braking Performance

Our R Range Mini brake kits are the result of our relentless pursuit of the ultimate braking experience. These kits, equally at home on the track or open road, deliver supercar stopping-power thanks to their ultra-lightweight construction and pioneering technology.

The major advantage of these kits is the weight-saving aspect; our Monoblock kit weighs just 10.06kg, offering over a 6-kilo saving on the average Mini braking system. The rotor and bell assembly, thanks to their two-piece construction and expert engineering, deliver greater acceleration, braking, and handling, while controlling heat in the most extreme conditions.

Mini Sport Quality Parts you can trust. Mini Sport Quality Parts you can trust.
Your Trusted Partner for Mini Parts and Spares

With over 55 years of experience, Mini Sport has established itself as a world-leading business in creating, sourcing, and fitting Mini brakes, parts, and accessories. Whether you're looking for Mini brake kits to restore, repair, or customize your Mini driving experience, we have everything you need amongst our vast product range.

Our dedicated Mini experts are always on hand to answer any questions you have on anything regarding your Mini. Feel free to get in touch with us by calling 01282 778731 or sending an e-mail to Trust Mini Sport for all your Mini parts and spares needs.