Brake Kits

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your Classic Mini Brakes, then Mini Sport have got you covered.

Here at Mini Sport we manufacture a full range of easy to fit 4 Pot Alloy Caliper Conversion Kits with 7.5”, 8.4”, 7.9” Vented and 8.4” Vented discs.

We also stock Surestop Brake Kits and the always popular, 12 to 10 Brake Conversion Kits which allows thee fitting of 10” Wheels to Mini’s issued from 1984 and onwards. Browse our comprehensive Brake Kit conversion Kits with highly acclaimed conversion kits from prestigious brands like Cooper Car Company, Paddy Hopkirk Mini and Rear Disc Brake Conversions from KAD.

Need advice? Get in touch with our friendly team on 01282 778731 or email us at who will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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  1. 12 to 10 Mini Brake Conversion Kit
    Special Price AU$289.74 AU$289.74 Regular Price AU$324.49
  2. Cooper 8.4" Vented Brake Kit
    Special Price AU$1,297.80 AU$1,297.80 Regular Price AU$1,371.63
  3. Disc Brake Kit - Mini Cooper S 7.5"
    Special Price AU$739.54 AU$739.54 Regular Price AU$883.41
  4. Surestop Brake Kit - Cooper S - 7.5'' discs
    Special Price AU$158.62 AU$158.62 Regular Price AU$195.72
  5. 12 to 10 Brake Caliper Conversion Kit - AP Calipers
    Special Price AU$764.55 AU$764.55 Regular Price AU$831.93
  6. Brake Disc Kit - Mini '84 on 8.4"
    Special Price AU$50.61 AU$50.61 Regular Price AU$58.63
  7. Disc Brake Kit - Mini 1984on 8.4"
    Special Price AU$709.81 AU$709.81 Regular Price AU$835.76
  8. 8.4" Surestop Brake Kit - Mini '84 on
    Special Price AU$107.12 AU$107.12 Regular Price AU$132.07

Items 1-12 of 23

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