Distributor Parts

Take a look at Mini Sport’s range of distributor service parts for all Classic Mini models from 1959-1997. Here you will find have a comprehensive selection of rotor arms, condensers, distributor caps, contact sets and vacuum units covering Lucas 23D, 25D, 45D, 59D and 65D distributors and the Ducellier distributor. 

In addition to service parts Mini Sport also supply complete standard distributors and performance distributors for competition and fast road use. All part of our huge range of Classic Mini electrical & lighting components which also includes, spot lamps, headlamps, interior lights, starter motors, alternators, dynamos, fuse boxes, bulbs and wiring looms for use in all Classic Mini models.

If you require any further information or a little advice on our distributor parts or any other Electrical & Lighting products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com

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  1. Contact Set for Ducelier type
    Special Price AU$11.01 AU$11.01 Regular Price AU$13.60
  2. Distributor Cap - for Lucas 25D Distributor 1959-74
    Special Price AU$13.08 AU$13.08 Regular Price AU$13.97
  3. Distributor Cap - for Electronic Distributor
    Special Price AU$7.81 AU$7.81 Regular Price AU$8.95
  4. Distributor Cap - for Ducellier type - red cap
    Special Price AU$14.69 AU$14.69 Regular Price AU$19.55
  5. Rotor Arm - for Ducellier type - Red cap
    Special Price AU$8.10 AU$8.10 Regular Price AU$10.62
  6. Rotor Arm - for Distributor Lucas 45D/59D 1974-90
    Special Price AU$7.29 AU$7.29 Regular Price AU$9.71
  7. Rotor Arm - for Electronic Distributor 1990 on
    Special Price AU$4.61 AU$4.61 Regular Price AU$5.57
  8. Condensor - Lucas 25D Distributor 1959-74
    Special Price AU$8.94 AU$8.94 Regular Price AU$11.21
  9. Condensor - for Lucas 45D/59D Distributor 1974-90
    Special Price AU$2.66 AU$2.66 Regular Price AU$3.11
  10. Distributor Pig Tail Wire with Plastic Fitting
    Special Price AU$8.64 AU$8.64 Regular Price AU$9.27
  11. Contact Set - for Lucas 59D Distributor with blue points 1980-90
    Special Price AU$6.46 AU$6.46 Regular Price AU$8.33
  12. Rotor Arm - for Lucas 25D Distributor 1959-74
    Special Price AU$7.16 AU$7.16 Regular Price AU$8.95

Items 1-12 of 25

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