Starter Motors

Take a look Mini Sport’s range of starter motors for all years and models of Classic Mini and all applications. We have the standard inertia starter motors for Mini’s from 1959-1984, pre engaged starter motors for Mini’s from 1984-2001 and the 3 pin, 4 pin and starter mounted solenoids to go with them.

In addition to the standard, factory fit units Mini Sport also stocks the Powerlite range of high torque starter motors. The Powerlite range is ideal for road or competition applications, perfect on tuned engines as they offer increased cranking speeds whilst drawing less current from the battery.

All part of Mini Sport’s huge range of Classic Mini electrical equipment which also covers dynamos, alternators, wiper motors, wiring looms, headlamps, indicators, ignition systems, distributors, spot lamps, dash switches and column switches.

If you require any help or advice on our range of starter motors, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Powerlite High Torque Starter Motor SLIMLINE Inertia type, 1959-84
    Special Price AU$434.70 AU$395.18 Regular Price AU$480.57
  2. Powerlite High Torque Starter Motor Pre Engaged, 1984-1996 Not SPi & MPi
    Special Price AU$333.58 AU$303.25 Regular Price AU$367.06
  3. Powerlite High Torque Starter Motor Inertia type, 1959-84
    Special Price AU$308.51 AU$280.46 Regular Price AU$330.04
  4. Starter Motor 9 Tooth Pinion Gear
    Special Price AU$34.02 AU$30.93 Regular Price AU$42.09
  5. Starter Solenoid - Inertia type Mk1 - Push Button
    Special Price AU$39.44 AU$35.85 Regular Price AU$45.10
  6. Starter Motor - Pre Engaged
    Special Price AU$136.99 AU$124.54 Regular Price AU$154.02
  7. Starter Motor - Inertia type 1959-84
    Special Price AU$103.31 AU$93.92 Regular Price AU$115.73
  8. Starter Solenoid - Inertia type - 4 Terminals - 1983-85
    Special Price AU$21.18 AU$19.25 Regular Price AU$29.80
  9. Starter Solenoid - Inertia type - 3 Terminals
    Special Price AU$14.49 AU$13.17 Regular Price AU$18.13
  10. Powerlite Mounting Bracket For PS-30 Battery
    Special Price AU$99.13 AU$90.12 Regular Price AU$103.49
  11. Powerlite 30 Amp Lithium Ion Battery
    Special Price AU$430.23 AU$391.12 Regular Price AU$449.14

Items 1-12 of 16

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