Flywheel Bolts & Washers

At Mini Sport, we believe that it is the vital nuts and bolts, which make all the difference when restoring or maintaining your Classic Mini.

Whether you have a Mini with a Pre Verto or Verto Clutch System, we have Flywheel Keyplates, Flywheel Bolts, Clutch Drive Straps, Clutch Bolts and Lock Washers in stock for quick dispatch. It’s the little things after all…

You can shop other Classic Mini Clutch parts and essentials at Mini Sport, including Clutch Hoses and Pipes, Clutch Seals, Clutch Release Bearings and Clutch Plates and Pressure Plates.

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  1. Lock Tab - clutch strap pre verto
    Special Price AU$4.00 AU$4.00 Regular Price AU$4.65
  2. Set Screw - timing hole cover
    Special Price AU$0.48 AU$0.48 Regular Price AU$0.65
  3. Primary Gear Thrust Washer 1275cc - .116"-.118"
    Special Price AU$56.82 AU$56.82 Regular Price AU$61.40
  4. Primary Gear Thrust Washer 1275cc - .112"-.114"
    Special Price AU$58.46 AU$58.46 Regular Price AU$60.12
  5. Flywheel Bolt - pre Verto 1959-82
    Special Price AU$8.72 AU$8.72 Regular Price AU$10.51
  6. Flywheel Keyplate - Verto 1982-2001
    Special Price AU$13.86 AU$13.86 Regular Price AU$17.32
  7. Washers - Primary Gear - 22A319 - Backing ring 'C' washer
    Special Price AU$9.78 AU$9.78 Regular Price AU$13.02
  8. Bolt - Clutch Drive Strap - pre Verto
    Special Price AU$2.92 AU$2.92 Regular Price AU$3.35
  9. Flywheel Keyplate - pre Verto 1959-82
    Special Price AU$15.07 AU$15.07 Regular Price AU$18.82
  10. Primary Gear Backing Ring
    Special Price AU$30.32 AU$30.32 Regular Price AU$32.48
  11. ARP Flywheel Bolt - 1275cc - 3/8" UNF
    Special Price AU$63.04 AU$63.04 Regular Price AU$69.56
  12. Flywheel Bolt - Verto 1982-2001
    Special Price AU$11.07 AU$11.07 Regular Price AU$12.16

Items 1-12 of 21

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