Brake Pads & Shoes

Mini Sport stock a full range of OE (original specification), EBC, Mintex and Tarok Brake Pads for use with Mini Cooper 998 7” Discs, Mini Cooper S 7.5” Discs, Mk3 Mini 8.4” Discs and Alloy 4 Pot Caliper Conversions.

We stock brake pads for compatibility and performance on road, racetrack and rally from a range of top brands. Mintex pads are available from stock as standard replacement pads, Mintex M111, M1155 on Carbon Metallic compound. Our EBC Brake Pads are available in Black Stuff, Green Stuff, Yellow Stuff and Red stuff. We are also suppliers of OE (original specification) and Mintex Road and Competition Brake Shoes for Classic Mini’s with Drum Brakes.

Explore our comprehensive selection of Brakes, Brake Plates & Assemblies, Brake Calipers and Brake Conversion Kits over on this area of Mini Mechanical Parts.

If you’d like some more information on our Brake Pads & Shoes or would like to book your Mini in for a trip to our workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an email to


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  1. EBC Standard Pad Set - Mini 8.4" Discs
    Special Price AU$24.73 AU$24.73 Regular Price AU$25.79
  2. Brake Shoe set - Mini Rear
    Special Price AU$11.83 AU$11.83 Regular Price AU$18.33
  3. Brake Shoe set - Mini Rear Mintex
    Special Price AU$21.13 AU$21.13 Regular Price AU$22.09
  4. Mini Brake Shoe set Mintex Rally/Race - Rear
    Special Price AU$124.82 AU$124.82 Regular Price AU$129.55
  5. EBC Standard Pad Set - Mini 7" Discs
    Special Price AU$23.48 AU$23.48 Regular Price AU$24.53
  6. Mintex Brake Pad Set - 7.5" Discs
    Special Price AU$33.16 AU$33.16 Regular Price AU$34.54
  7. Brake Pad Set - Mini 8.4" discs - Greenstuff
    Special Price AU$48.85 AU$48.85 Regular Price AU$50.52
  8. Brake Shoe set - Mini front Mintex
    Special Price AU$21.89 AU$21.89 Regular Price AU$22.80
  9. Brake Pad Set - Mini 7.5" Disc - Greenstuff
    Special Price AU$58.99 AU$58.99 Regular Price AU$61.01
  10. Standard Brake Pad Set - Mini 7.5" Disc
    Special Price AU$29.01 AU$29.01 Regular Price AU$30.61
  11. Brake Pad Set - Mini 7" Discs - Greenstuff
    Special Price AU$49.30 AU$49.30 Regular Price AU$51.18
  12. Brake Pad Set - Mini Sport Alloy Caliper - Greenstuff
    Special Price AU$69.54 AU$69.54 Regular Price AU$71.93

Items 1-12 of 31

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Set Descending Direction