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Looking for Back Plate Assembly Kits? Take a look around our Brake department for Rear Drum Brake Assemblies at great prices, professionally built here at Mini Sport complete with OE (original specification) or MINTEX Brake Shoes.

For 1959 – 1984 Mini’s we also have Front Drum Brake Back Plates Assembled ready to fit to your Mini. Why not check out our Rear Drum Brake Assemblies with Superfin Alloy Drums? Designed, developed and manufactured here at Mini Sport, our Brake Assemblies come complete with MINTEX Brake Shoes, suitable for all models of Classic Mini and Mini Cooper.

For further advice on Back Plates and Back Plate Assemblies for your Classic Mini, please get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or send us an e-mail to

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  1. Rear Brake Assemblies with Superfin Drums
    Special Price AU$429.58 AU$429.58 Regular Price AU$449.54
  2. Front Drum Brake Assemblies - Mini 1959-84
    Special Price AU$163.43 AU$163.43 Regular Price AU$206.87
  3. Rear Drum Brake Assemblies with Mintex - All Minis
    Special Price AU$203.39 AU$203.39 Regular Price AU$236.15
  4. Rear Drum Brake Assemblies - All Mini's
    Special Price AU$183.57 AU$183.57 Regular Price AU$224.40
  5. Mini Brake Back Plate - Front LH
    Special Price AU$42.63 AU$42.63 Regular Price AU$56.84
  6. Mini Brake Back Plate - Front RH
    Special Price AU$45.47 AU$45.47 Regular Price AU$56.84
  7. Brake Back Plate - Mini LH Rear
    Special Price AU$47.07 AU$47.07 Regular Price AU$58.85
  8. Brake Back Plate - Mini RH Rear
    Special Price AU$44.14 AU$44.14 Regular Price AU$58.85
  9. Mini Rear back plate to radius arm fitting kit
    Special Price AU$16.66 AU$16.66 Regular Price AU$17.51
  10. Standard Rear Brake Assemblies and Superfin Drums
    Special Price AU$408.11 AU$408.11 Regular Price AU$427.06
  11. Handbrake cable protector bracket - Left Side
    Special Price AU$24.70 AU$24.70 Regular Price AU$27.50
  12. Handbrake cable protector bracket - Right Side
    Special Price AU$26.41 AU$26.41 Regular Price AU$27.50

12 Items

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