Clutch Hose & Pipe

If you’re replacing your Mini Clutch Pipes or Hoses, we have a comprehensive range of hoses and pipes for Classic Minis issued between 1959 – 1982 with Pre Verto Clutch Systems.

This section includes 11” and 32” Clutch Hose Pipes, Copper Washers, Plain Washers, Slave Cylinder, Anchor Tabs and replacement rubber hoses. We even stock exclusive, uprated stainless steel clutch hoses for Pre Verto and Verto Clutch systems – ideal for competition and fast road use.

Used by WRC and F1 race teams, Mini Sport recommend the Goodridge Clutch Hoses for heightened, responsive braking power and reduced stopping distance.

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  1. Clutch Hose - pre verto Aeroquip
    Special Price AU$19.99 AU$19.99 Regular Price AU$21.62
  2. Clutch Hose - Rubber - Verto 1982-2001
    Special Price AU$11.55 AU$11.55 Regular Price AU$15.20
  3. Clutch Hose - Goodridge Aeroquip 1982-2001
    Special Price AU$24.72 AU$24.72 Regular Price AU$26.73
  4. Clutch Hose - Aeroquip Braided - Master to Slave - LONG RHD 1959-01
    Special Price AU$33.76 AU$33.76 Regular Price AU$36.52
  5. Clutch Hose - Rubber - Pre Verto 1959-1982
    Special Price AU$8.04 AU$8.04 Regular Price AU$9.79
  6. Clutch Pipe Mini To 1977
    Special Price AU$14.27 AU$14.27 Regular Price AU$16.30
  7. Washer - Plain - Clutch Hose to Bulkhead
    Special Price AU$0.68 AU$0.68 Regular Price AU$0.80
  8. Clutch Master Cylinder Metal Pipe To Hose - 32 - LHD
    Special Price AU$6.31 AU$6.31 Regular Price AU$8.40
  9. Slave Cylinder Anchor Tab
    Special Price AU$4.18 AU$4.18 Regular Price AU$4.48
  10. Copper Washer - 7/16" Brake or Clutch
    Special Price AU$1.29 AU$1.29 Regular Price AU$1.71
  11. Clutch Pipe - 32'' Copper Automec - Long LHD
    Special Price AU$19.91 AU$19.91 Regular Price AU$22.74
  12. Clutch Pipe - 11'' Copper - Master to Slave
    Special Price AU$4.37 AU$4.37 Regular Price AU$5.61

Items 1-12 of 13

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