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Shop an extensive range of Seat Belts & Harnesses for Classic Mini as part of the Mini Interior Trim department at Mini Sport. Our Seat Belts & Harnesses have been sourced with style and safety in mind with quality Seat Belts & Harnesses from notable motoring brands like Sabelt and Securon.

Shop Seat Belts, Sabelt Harnesses, Securon Harnesses and Harness Pads and Mounts for all Classic Mini applications in the dedicated Mini Sport webstore. For further information or guidance on our Seat Belts & Harnesses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Single Sabelt Eyebolt
    Special Price AU$9.43 AU$9.43 Regular Price AU$11.21
  2. Sabelt 6 Point Lightweight Saloon Harness - Red
    Special Price AU$326.89 AU$326.89 Regular Price AU$339.27
  3. Securon Rear Static Seat Belt

    Starting at AU$32.07 AU$32.07

  4. Harness Eye Bolts with Plates - Set of 4
    Special Price AU$21.49 AU$21.49 Regular Price AU$22.31
  5. Sabelt Reinforced Plate With Welded Nut
    Special Price AU$7.06 AU$7.06 Regular Price AU$8.19
  6. Securon Rear Inertia Reel Seat Belt

    Starting at AU$47.59 AU$47.59

  7. Sabelt Saloon Series 4 Point Harness - Aluminium Adjusters - Red
    Special Price AU$571.90 AU$571.90 Regular Price AU$593.56
  8. Securon Rear Static 2 Point Lap Seat Belt - Black
    Special Price AU$31.83 AU$31.83 Regular Price AU$33.03
  9. Front Inertia Reel Mini Seat Belt

    Starting at AU$46.34 AU$46.34

  10. Harness Eye Bolts with Plates - Set of 3
    Special Price AU$15.54 AU$15.54 Regular Price AU$17.16
  11. Securon Front Static Seat Belt

    Starting at AU$39.40 AU$39.40

Items 1-12 of 23

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