Body Rubber Seals

As part of the complete Windows & Seals department at Mini Sport, we stock a range of high quality, genuine, OEM (original specification) rubber body seals, mouldings, outer door finishers and locking strips for use on Classic Mini Windows, Doors, Bonnets and Boots.

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Body Rubber Seals & Mouldings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Boot Lid Seal Clip - Mini Mk1/2/3
    Special Price AU$0.84 AU$0.76 Regular Price AU$0.96
  2. Chrome Boss - Sliding Window Catch Retainer - Mini Mk1-2
    Special Price AU$10.95 AU$9.95 Regular Price AU$12.28
  3. Rear Window Catch - Mini Estate
    Special Price AU$17.16 AU$15.60 Regular Price AU$21.34
  4. Gasket - Sliding Window Catch - Mini Mk1-2
    Special Price AU$5.63 AU$5.12 Regular Price AU$6.72
  5. Side Window Channel Lower Support - Mini Traveller
    Special Price AU$29.15 AU$26.50 Regular Price AU$32.42
  6. Mini Door Finisher Trim Kit
    Special Price AU$102.95 AU$93.59 Regular Price AU$120.78
  7. Estate Side Window Channel - Bottom
    Special Price AU$48.74 AU$44.31 Regular Price AU$53.46
  8. Estate Side Window Channel - Top
    Special Price AU$43.49 AU$39.54 Regular Price AU$47.70
  9. Estate Side Window Channel - Rear
    Special Price AU$20.19 AU$18.35 Regular Price AU$22.15
  10. Estate Side Window Channel - Front
    Special Price AU$21.64 AU$19.67 Regular Price AU$23.73
  11. Fillet Strip Windscreen - Black
    Special Price AU$5.68 AU$5.16 Regular Price AU$6.08
  12. Clip - Door Finisher Trims - Mini
    Special Price AU$0.98 AU$0.89 Regular Price AU$1.11

Items 1-12 of 59

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