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Shop a full selection of Cooling & Heating parts and components as part of the Mini Mechanical Parts department at Mini Sport.

Our Cooling & Heating ranges house everything you might need to maintain and replace essential parts in your Classic Mini’s heating & cooling systems. Shop Cooling Additives, Fans, Fan Belts, Heater Air Ducting Parts, Oil Cooling Parts and Thermostats and Water Pumps amongst our comprehensive range.

If you require further information on any of our products or advice on suitability with your Classic Mini Model, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Oil Cooler Fittings - Banjo Seal - M18 I.D
    Special Price AU$0.45 AU$0.45 Regular Price AU$0.52
  2. Oil Cooler Fittings - 3/4 BSP - 90 - female
    Special Price AU$14.21 AU$14.21 Regular Price AU$14.94
  3. Oil Cooler Element - 10 Row Stack
    Special Price AU$92.98 AU$92.98 Regular Price AU$100.55
  4. Oil Cooler Element - 13 row stack
    Special Price AU$117.70 AU$117.70 Regular Price AU$130.05
  5. Oil Cooler Element - 19 row stack
    Special Price AU$163.59 AU$163.59 Regular Price AU$169.46
  6. Oil Cooler Thermostat
    Special Price AU$58.44 AU$58.44 Regular Price AU$59.84
  7. Remote Oil Filter Head Take Off Plate
    Special Price AU$45.77 AU$45.77 Regular Price AU$47.41
  8. Alternator Fan Belt - 838mm
    Special Price AU$3.72 AU$3.72 Regular Price AU$7.85
  9. V Groove Fan Belt - MPi 1997-01
    Special Price AU$15.36 AU$15.36 Regular Price AU$16.74
  10. Radiator Cap - MPi Expansion Tank 1997-01
    Special Price AU$6.44 AU$6.44 Regular Price AU$7.83
  11. Top Hose - Rover Cooper HIF44 carb 1990-92
    Special Price AU$6.77 AU$6.77 Regular Price AU$8.46
  12. Top Hose - 1275 HIF38 carb & SPi 1990-96
    Special Price AU$38.93 AU$38.93 Regular Price AU$43.43

Items 1-12 of 253

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