Flywheel Ring Gears

Time for a new Flywheel Ring Gear? Here at Mini Sport we stock a high quality collection of Flywheel Ring Gears and parts for all Classic Mini models.

We are stockists of Thick and Thin Inertia Type Flywheel Ring Gears – suitable for Mini’s from 1959- 1985, Pre Engaged Type Minis issued between 1985 – 2001 and Pre Engaged Ring Gears for Automatic Mini’s with Torque Convertor.

We supply a comprehensive selection of Flywheels parts for Classic Mini Clutch Systems online here, including Flywheel Housing, Flywheel Bolts and Washers and Ultralight Flywheels.

For further advice please contact a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively, contact us by e-mail on


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  1. Starter Ring Gear for Torque Coverter - Automatic
    Special Price AU$65.68 AU$65.68 Regular Price AU$67.49
  2. Flywheel Ring Gear Pre-Engaged Type
    Special Price AU$39.89 AU$39.89 Regular Price AU$42.04
  3. Flywheel Ring Gear Thick Inertia Type
    Special Price AU$37.60 AU$37.60 Regular Price AU$39.09
  4. Flywheel Ring Gear Thin Inertia Type
    Special Price AU$39.17 AU$39.17 Regular Price AU$43.52

4 Items

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