A thermostat is essential to ensure that the heating & cooling systems in your Mini function correctly. We stock a full range of thermostats, thermostat housings, transmitters, sandwich plates, blanking sleeves and temperature sensors suitable for all Classic Mini models and engine sizes including SPi and MPi.

Our Cooling & Heating department has a huge range of products with radiators, radiator caps, expansion tanks, radiator hoses, fans, radiator brackets & fixings, oil cooler elements and oil cooler pipes also available.

For more information and advice get in touch with a member of our experienced team on 01282 778731 alternatively you can contact us by e-mail

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  1. Thermostat - 74 degree
    Special Price AU$6.31 AU$6.31 Regular Price AU$7.39
  2. Inlet Manifold Coolant Temperature Transmitter - SPi - 1992-96
    Special Price AU$21.37 AU$21.37 Regular Price AU$22.09
  3. Thermostat Housing - 1959-96
    Special Price AU$13.43 AU$13.43 Regular Price AU$16.80
  4. Thermostat Housing Fitting Kit
    Special Price AU$7.36 AU$7.36 Regular Price AU$7.91
  5. Thermostat Temperature Transmitter - SPi - 1992-96
    Special Price AU$19.14 AU$19.14 Regular Price AU$20.09
  6. Thermostat - 82 degree
    Special Price AU$5.65 AU$5.65 Regular Price AU$6.44
  7. Thermostat - 88 degree
    Special Price AU$10.96 AU$10.96 Regular Price AU$12.10
  8. Thermostat Housing - HIF44 carb 1990-94
    Special Price AU$71.28 AU$71.28 Regular Price AU$78.31
  9. Thermostat Housing Gasket 1959-2001
    Special Price AU$0.53 AU$0.53 Regular Price AU$0.59
  10. Thermostat Blanking Sleeve
    Special Price AU$10.69 AU$10.69 Regular Price AU$12.44
  11. Temperature Sensor - Mini MPi 97-01
    Special Price AU$19.51 AU$19.51 Regular Price AU$21.67
  12. Thermostat Sandwich Plate - MPi - 12mm Threaded Hole
    Special Price AU$87.36 AU$87.36 Regular Price AU$92.98

Items 1-12 of 22

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