Here at Mini Sport, we stock a selection of Classic Mini Radiators suitable for all Classic Mini models from 1959 - 2001 for road, race, rally and auto-test applications. Our range of covers standard radiators for all carburetor, SPi and MPi Mini’s, 2 core and 4 core high-flow uprated radiators and high efficiency aluminium radiators for the ultimate in cooling performance. Whatever your Mini's cooling system needs Mini Sport has the answer.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Explore the rest of our Cooling & Heating department with Radiator Sender Switches, Radiator Hoses, Radiator Caps & Expansion Tanks and Radiator Brackets & Fixings, Silicone Hose Kits, Water Pumps, Fans, Oil Cooler Elements, Oil Cooler Kits and Oil Cooler Pipes also available.

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  1. Radiator - 4 Core - High Flow
    Special Price AU$237.80 AU$237.80 Regular Price AU$244.43
  2. Radiator - 1275 SPi 1992-96
    Special Price AU$187.77 AU$187.77 Regular Price AU$207.24
  3. Radiator - 2 Core - SuperCool - Competition
    Special Price AU$215.00 AU$215.00 Regular Price AU$220.98
  4. Radiator - 2 Core SuperCool - High flow - inc sender 1992-96
    Special Price AU$248.88 AU$248.88 Regular Price AU$254.73
  5. Radiator - 2 Core SuperCool - High flow - Alloy - Front Overflow
    Special Price AU$431.66 AU$431.66 Regular Price AU$441.82
  6. Radiator 3 Core - Mini Cooper S/1275
    Special Price AU$103.32 AU$103.32 Regular Price AU$111.65
  7. Radiator - 2 Core SuperCool - High flow - Alloy - Side Mounting
    Special Price AU$209.24 AU$209.24 Regular Price AU$213.73

10 Items

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