For all Classic Mini models we have a range of standard or lightweight Classic Mini Alloy Front & Rear Hubs, Hub Nuts - right and left hand thread, Rear Hub Washers, and Rear Hub Grease Caps.

Mini Sport have designed and manufactured Alloy Lightweight Front & Rear Hub Kits made from 7075 aircraft grade high specification Aluminum billet, which are not only stronger and more durable but much lighter than the standard components perfect for Race, Hill Climb and Sprint Cars!

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  1. Mini Sport Alloy Lightweight Rear Hub & Timken Bearing Set
    Special Price AU$512.33 AU$465.75 Regular Price AU$583.44
  2. Mini Sport Alloy Front Hub Set With Timken Bearings
    Special Price AU$1,176.69 AU$1,069.72 Regular Price AU$1,294.78
  3. Split Pin - Rear Hub Nut
    Special Price AU$0.51 AU$0.46 Regular Price AU$0.70
  4. Rear Hub Grease Caps - Alloy - pair
    Special Price AU$62.57 AU$56.88 Regular Price AU$73.39
  5. Grease Nipple - 45 Degree - Pair
    Special Price AU$2.76 AU$2.51 Regular Price AU$3.22
  6. Grease Nipple - Straight - Set of 4
    Special Price AU$4.11 AU$3.74 Regular Price AU$4.82
  7. Rear Hub Grease Cap - Alloy
    Special Price AU$17.45 AU$15.86 Regular Price AU$19.22
  8. Rear Hub Grease Cap
    Special Price AU$14.52 AU$13.20 Regular Price AU$16.01
  9. Grease Nipple - 1/4" UNF
    Special Price AU$1.83 AU$1.66 Regular Price AU$2.01
  10. Rear Hub Nut - Right Hand Thread
    Special Price AU$5.61 AU$5.10 Regular Price AU$6.50
  11. KAD Alloy Rear Hub
    Special Price AU$446.34 AU$405.76 Regular Price AU$473.39
  12. Rear Hub Nut - Left Hand Thread
    Special Price AU$9.93 AU$9.03 Regular Price AU$11.85

Items 1-12 of 22

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