Ball Joints

A full range of high quality front ball joints for road use, plus uprated Metro Mk1 ball joints and all the parts you need to service your Mini ball joints.

Genuine, OEM (Original Equipment) and Specialist replacement parts for all models including Mini, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S and Mini Clubman.

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  1. Draper 19mm Ball Joint Separator Tool
    Special Price AU$46.36 AU$46.36 Regular Price AU$51.70
  2. Ball Joint Flywheel Bolt Socket 1.1/2'' AF
    Special Price AU$35.51 AU$35.51 Regular Price AU$38.99
  3. Sykes Pickavant Ball Joint Separator - fork
    Special Price AU$21.68 AU$21.68 Regular Price AU$24.78
  4. Draper 19mm Ball Joint Puller Tool
    Special Price AU$26.71 AU$26.71 Regular Price AU$29.32
  5. Ball Joint Shim Kit
    Special Price AU$2.89 AU$2.89 Regular Price AU$3.23
  6. Sykes Pickavant Ball Joint Seperator Puller Cup Type
    Special Price AU$24.51 AU$24.51 Regular Price AU$26.51
  7. Ball Joint Kit - 1959-2001
    Special Price AU$14.99 AU$14.99 Regular Price AU$16.63
  8. Ball Joint Kit - Metro Mk1
    Special Price AU$18.60 AU$18.60 Regular Price AU$20.12
  9. Ball Joint Rubber Dust Cover
    Special Price AU$5.02 AU$5.02 Regular Price AU$5.81
  10. Mini Ball joint fitting kit
    Special Price AU$9.27 AU$9.27 Regular Price AU$10.62
  11. Mini Roll Centre Adjusters - 1959-2001
    Special Price AU$63.18 AU$63.18 Regular Price AU$73.34

11 Items

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