Fuel Caps

Explore a comprehensive range of Fuel Caps for Classic Mini, as part of the Mini Body & Panels department at Mini Sport. Our range of Fuel Caps have been sourced and manufactured for quality and reliability with styles sourced from exclusive brands like Cooper Car Company, Aston and Monza.

Our range of high quality, Classic Mini Fuel Caps includes Chrome Fuel Caps for Left-Hand and Right-Hand Tanks, Locking Petrol Filler Fuel Caps, Dummy Tank Filler Necks, Fuel Tank Neck Sealing Rings and Brass Adaptor Collars.

For further information or advice on our Fuel Caps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Aston Chrome Fuel Cap Cover
    Special Price AU$28.33 AU$28.33 Regular Price AU$29.65
  2. Locking Petrol Filler Fuel Cap - Original style
    Special Price AU$22.93 AU$22.93 Regular Price AU$23.89
  3. Fuel Tank Neck Sealing Ring
    Special Price AU$2.41 AU$2.41 Regular Price AU$2.48
  4. Brass Adaptor Collar for Aston/Monza non locking Fuel Cap
    Special Price AU$39.55 AU$39.55 Regular Price AU$41.04
  5. Locking Petrol Filler Fuel Cap
    Special Price AU$22.64 AU$22.64 Regular Price AU$23.40
  6. Monza Chrome Petrol Cap including Tank Adapter
    Special Price AU$43.06 AU$43.06 Regular Price AU$45.90

8 Items

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