Gauge Accessories

Variety of Gauge Accessories including Oil Pressure Sender Units, oil Sender Switch Units, Oil Pressure Pipes, Oil Pipe Adaptors, Water Temperature Sender Unit and Gauge Fitting Kits.

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  1. Oil Pipe Adaptor - 1/8BSP cone to 1/8NPT
    Special Price AU$14.62 AU$14.62 Regular Price AU$15.94
  2. Single Gauges Hole Mounting Panel
    Special Price AU$4.58 AU$4.58 Regular Price AU$4.81
  3. Tacho Pod Chrome Housing - 80mm
    Special Price AU$50.00 AU$50.00 Regular Price AU$51.39
  4. Smiths Gauge Voltage Regulator Negative Earth)
    Special Price AU$16.84 AU$16.84 Regular Price AU$17.31
  5. Oil Pressure Pipe - Gauge to Rubber Hose
    Special Price AU$19.29 AU$19.29 Regular Price AU$19.95
  6. Smiths Oil Pressure Sender Unit
    Special Price AU$105.81 AU$105.81 Regular Price AU$108.76
  7. Smiths Oil Sender Switch Unit
    Special Price AU$30.36 AU$30.36 Regular Price AU$31.20
  8. Clip - Oval 3 instrument Centre Speedo Cowl Surround
    Special Price AU$3.88 AU$3.88 Regular Price AU$3.99
  9. Original Centre Speedo Clock Voltage Stabiliser
    Special Price AU$23.15 AU$23.15 Regular Price AU$24.83

Items 1-12 of 21

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