Mini Assembled Brake Kits

7.5" Assembled Mini Brake Kits:

8.4" Assembled Mini Brake Kits:

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Classic Mini 8.4" disc brake assembly Classic Mini 8.4" disc brake assembly
Mini 8.4" disc brake assembly
Assembled Brake Kits for All Classic Mini Models

At Mini Sport, we offer a comprehensive range of assembled Mini brake kits suitable for every classic model. Our kits are not just designed to restore the original feel of driving a classic Mini, but also to enhance its performance. Our selection includes kits from leading manufacturers as well as our own, developed from over five decades of experience in the Mini community.

Our assembled Mini brake kits are professionally built by Mini Sport technicians using superior equipment components. These kits, suitable for both front and rear applications, are designed for easy fitment in any classic Mini. They include all the components you need to overhaul your brake system, with options for both drum and disc brakes.


Our brake kits offer easy fitment versatility. For instance, the 7.5” Cooper S set is an ideal upgrade from drum brakes, allowing you to retain the original 10” wheel used before 1984.

For Mini models from 1984 onwards, the 8.4” standard disc brake assembly can be fitted to Minis with 12” or 13” wheels. For those seeking something special, we recommend the Mini Sport developed Alloy 4 Pot, 7.9” Vented Grooved, 7.5” X Drilled and 8.4” Vented Disc Drive Assemblies.

These kits, available in a range of vibrant and dynamic colorways, offer ultimate braking performance and are suitable for both road and competition use.

Classic Mini 7.5'' Disc Brake Assemblies matched with Mini Sport 4 Pot Alloy Calipers Classic Mini 7.5'' Disc Brake Assemblies matched with Mini Sport 4 Pot Alloy Calipers
7.5'' Mini Disc Brake Assemblies with Mini Sport 4 Pot Alloy Calipers

Regular servicing of your brake system is crucial for maintaining the safety and performance of your Mini. Our Mini Workshop Services can assist with the fitting of these brake kits, ensuring they are installed correctly and safely

For more information on our assembled Mini brake kits or to book your Mini in for a service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at 01282 778731 or email us at We're always ready to help you enhance your Mini's performance and safety.