Brake Parts & Fittings

Searching for Small Components, Connectors and Fittings for your Classic Mini? This section has a range of Brake Fittings including Brake Pad Split Pins, Hose Locking Nuts, Brake Shoe Springs, Stoplight Switch Brackets, Brake Bleed Nipples, Brake Pressure Regulators, Pipe Clips and Bolts to fit all Classic Mini Brake Systems.

Whatever you need, we have the fittings and connectors to complete the upgrade or replacement of your Classic Mini Brakes.

For further advice on Brake Parts and Brake Fittings for your Classic Mini, please get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or send us an e-mail to


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  1. Brake Limiter Valve Mini 78on
    Special Price AU$145.31 AU$145.31 Regular Price AU$157.15
  2. Retaining Spring - front brake shoe - Mini 1964-84
    Special Price AU$7.79 AU$7.79 Regular Price AU$10.20
  3. Banjo Bolt - Brake Light Switch
    Special Price AU$12.41 AU$12.41 Regular Price AU$14.40
  4. Bolt - 1/4" UNF X 2''
    Special Price AU$0.59 AU$0.59 Regular Price AU$0.68
  5. Rubber Boot - brake servo control arm
    Special Price AU$7.49 AU$7.49 Regular Price AU$8.70
  6. Bleed Nipple - M6
    Special Price AU$2.22 AU$2.22 Regular Price AU$2.47
  7. Mini Brake Line Tube Connector - Metric
    Special Price AU$14.00 AU$14.00 Regular Price AU$15.16
  8. Mini Rear Drum Brake Adjusting kit
    Special Price AU$10.70 AU$10.70 Regular Price AU$12.45
  9. Mini Brake Shoe Return Spring - Rear Upper
    Special Price AU$2.32 AU$2.32 Regular Price AU$2.85
  10. Brake Pad Fitting Kit - Mini 4 Pot Alloy Calipers
    Special Price AU$4.31 AU$4.31 Regular Price AU$5.74
  11. Rear hose lock nut each
    Special Price AU$0.61 AU$0.61 Regular Price AU$0.82
  12. Set Screw - 3 way to rear subframe - 1/4inch UNF x 1 1/4inch
    Special Price AU$0.93 AU$0.93 Regular Price AU$1.20

Items 1-12 of 62

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