Wheel Arch Trim

Wheel Arch Trim, A selection of Wheel Arch Trims in Black and Chrome available in different profiles. Range also includes Sill Moulding Strips, Wheel Arch Rubber Seals plus Wheel Arch Studs.

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  1. Sportspack Wheel Arch Bolt
    Special Price AU$0.80 AU$0.80 Regular Price AU$0.89
  2. Black Rubber Sill Moulding Strip 1990 on
    Special Price AU$12.61 AU$12.61 Regular Price AU$13.32
  3. Moulding Strip - for Fibre Glass Wheel Arch
    Special Price AU$3.17 AU$3.17 Regular Price AU$3.29
  4. Mini Wheel Arch Rubber Finishing Strip
    Special Price AU$12.89 AU$12.89 Regular Price AU$14.36
  5. Wheel Arch Sill Trim - Chrome Deluxe (GZF105)
    Special Price AU$23.00 AU$23.00 Regular Price AU$24.44
  6. Chrome Side Sill Strip Deluxe
    Special Price AU$23.11 AU$23.11 Regular Price AU$24.30
  7. Mini Side Strip for Special Arches
    Special Price AU$5.82 AU$5.82 Regular Price AU$6.13
  8. Genuine Sportspack Wheel Arch Rubber Seal each
    Special Price AU$14.98 AU$14.98 Regular Price AU$15.43
  9. Wheel Arch Stud - Sportspack Mini
    Special Price AU$8.06 AU$8.06 Regular Price AU$8.30

10 Items

per page
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