TIMKEN Front Wheel Bearing Kit - Taper Roller type - Disc 1984-01

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Timken Mini disc brake front wheel bearing kit 1984-2001
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Genuine Timken manufactured taper roller front wheel bearing kit. Fitted to all Minis with front disc brakes, 1984-2001 and the Cooper S 7.5" disc brakes. Timken branded bearings were always fitted as original equipment on the Mini.

The kit comprises of,

  • 2 taper roller type wheel bearings
  • inner and outer hub seals
  • split pin

Minis fitted with front drum brakes or the 998 Cooper 7" discs used a ball bearing type wheel bearing. See GHK1018.

We also offer a cheaper high quality alternative, see GHK1548 for rear and GHK1140 for front.

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