Mini Sport 4 Pin Differential Kit

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Mini Sport 4 pinion differential kit
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MSLMS0516KIT - Mini Sport 4 pinion differential kit for all Minis.

Reccurring problems with the standard differential, especially under competition loads, prompted us to design and develop the 4 pinion differential. This innovative engineering design is made from high specification materials to produce a very tough and hard wearing component. This is a direct replacement for the standard Mini diff unit and fits with the standard crown wheel and pinion.

Highly recommended for modified Minis and for all forms of Mini motorsport. 

This is a self assembly kit version of the 4 pin diff and does not contain the ouptut shaft. Primarily aimed at customers using the Hardy Spicer couplings as the scarcity of these output shafts prevent us from offering a built unit for this.

Available as a built unit for Minis with rubber drive couplings - MSLMS0515 - and with pot joints - MSLMS0516.

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