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At Mini Sport our range of Classic Mini Parts, Accessories & Merchandise have been engineered in-house, as well as sourced from prestigious motoring brands. As part of our Exclusive Collections, we stock a bespoke range of Mini Parts, Components and Memorabilia designed and manufactured in collaboration with some of Mini and Motorsports most notable names and talent. Our Exclusive Collections are only available at Mini Sport and have become acclaimed with custom designs and style, which evoke the authenticity and heritage of our favorite Classic Car. 

Browse our collaboration lines and collections here, including Paddy Hopkirk Mini, Cooper Car Company and Hergest

If you require any further advice or details on Mini Sport Exclusive Collections please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Paddy Hopkirk Red Alloy Rocker Cover
    Special Price AU$88.35 AU$88.35 Regular Price AU$93.00
  2. Paddy Hopkirk Alloy Gearknob - Black
    Special Price AU$33.48 AU$33.48 Regular Price AU$44.96
  3. Paddy Hopkirk Quickshift Gearlever & Alloy Gearknob Kit
    Special Price AU$86.88 AU$86.88 Regular Price AU$91.46
  4. Paddy Hopkirk - 1964 Monte Carlo 33 EJB on the Home Straight Print
    Special Price AU$36.81 AU$36.81 Regular Price AU$38.74
  5. Paddy Hopkirk - Andy Danks Montage Print - 1991 - Signed by Paddy Hopkirk
    Special Price AU$113.33 AU$113.33 Regular Price AU$116.23
  6. Parker Vector Rollerball Pen
    Special Price AU$13.24 AU$13.24 Regular Price AU$13.95
  7. Cooper Alloy Billet Window Winders - Silver
    Special Price AU$143.37 AU$143.37 Regular Price AU$154.99
  8. Cooper Alloy Billet Door Lock Covers - Silver
    Special Price AU$46.50 AU$46.50 Regular Price AU$58.91
  9. Cooper Seat Extension Brackets
    Special Price AU$32.38 AU$32.38 Regular Price AU$34.09
  10. Cooper Stainless Door Sill Edgings
    Special Price AU$50.18 AU$50.18 Regular Price AU$54.26
  11. Cooper Pin Badge
    Special Price AU$4.30 AU$4.30 Regular Price AU$4.65
  12. Cooper Pen - Green
    Special Price AU$2.79 AU$2.79 Regular Price AU$3.11

Items 1-12 of 269

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