Lightened Vernier Duplex Timing Chain Set

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Lightened vernier duplex timing gear and chain set, for the classic Mini, designed and developed by Mini Sport
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Set your camshaft timing 100% accurately, first time with the special Lightened Vernier Duplex timing gear and chain set from Mini Sport.  Designed, developed and manufactured here in the UK by our technical wizards.  All performance Mini parts are extensively tested through our motorsport programme, ensuring reliability you can count on.

For all performance Mini parts, make sure its Mini Sport!

Essential for rally and competition use.

It is essential to have continually correct valve timing in a performance or competition engine, to achieve its full power and torque potential. The original single row timing chains can be used for this application, but due to chain stretch the valve timing can change considerably, resulting in severe power losses, and needs changing more frequent.

Fitting a duplex (double row) chain and gear set, will solve some of the problems, but actual valve timing is still determined by the accuracy of the timing marks on each sprocket, which are used for alignment. However to obtain the maximum from a modified engine, it is absolutely necessary to fit vernier duplex gears and chain, which of course are fully adjustable, enabling accurate valve timing settings.

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