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Not only is the Classic Mini recognised as a symbol of style and British Engineering but it’s status as a prestigious motoring icon guarantees that the Mini and Mini Cooper’s unprecedented speed, power and performance credentials never falter. At Mini Sport, we are committed to keeping the Classic Mini alive and kicking with reliability and performance at the forefront of the driving experience. Our range of internationally acclaimed Mini Tuning Kits and Conversion Kits have been designed and engineered in-house to provide driveability and exceptional performance in all Classic Mini and Mini Cooper models.

Our range of Mini Tuning Kits includes Stage 1 Tuning Kits, Stage 2 Tuning Kits, Twin Carburettor Tuning Kits and Injection Tuning Kits which include all precision engineered, high quality components to achieve significant power increase, improved acceleration and top speed with a more efficient fuel consumption rate, whilst maintaining reliability.

Mini Sport recommend that following a conversion, a trip on the Mini Sport Rolling Road will help diagnose power and correct emissions. Our expert technicians are also able to fit your complete conversion kits in our equipped service centre.

Browse our complete Mini Tuning Kit and Mini Conversion Kit range for Classic Mini and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to if you require further advice or information. 

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  1. John Cooper 998cc Twin Carb 64bhp Conversion
    AU$6,314.10 AU$5,740.09 Regular Price AU$6,464.88
  2. John Cooper Mini 1.3i MPi 85bhp S Works Conversion
    AU$4,717.30 AU$4,288.45 Regular Price AU$4,821.58
  3. John Cooper 1275cc SPi 82bhp Conversion
    AU$4,189.08 AU$3,808.25 Regular Price AU$4,279.83
  4. John Cooper 1275cc Twin Carb 80bhp Conversion
    AU$6,794.89 AU$6,177.17 Regular Price AU$6,952.45
  5. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 998/1098 - inc Twin 1.1/4 SU Carbs
    AU$5,519.53 AU$5,017.75 Regular Price AU$5,858.61
  6. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 1275 - with Twin SU Carbs

    From AU$5,673.77 AU$5,157.97 Regular Price AU$6,008.68

    To AU$5,965.15 AU$5,422.86 Regular Price AU$6,319.47

  7. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 1275 SPi - 85bhp
    AU$3,305.72 AU$3,005.20 Regular Price AU$3,482.75
  8. Stage 3 Tuning Kit - 1275 MPi - 90bhp
    AU$3,581.77 AU$3,256.15 Regular Price AU$3,777.21
  9. Stage 2 Tuning Kit - 998/1098 - HS4 Carb
    AU$2,525.60 AU$2,296.00 Regular Price AU$2,794.00
  10. Stage 2 Tuning Kit - 1275 - HIF44 Carb
    AU$2,695.28 AU$2,450.25 Regular Price AU$2,957.65
  11. Stage 1 Tuning Kit - 1275 MPi - inc K&N 57i
    Special Price AU$656.78 AU$597.07 Regular Price AU$723.84
  12. Stage 1 Tuning Kit - 1275 MPi - inc Pipercross
    Special Price AU$549.25 AU$499.32 Regular Price AU$605.35

Items 1-12 of 27

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