Air Filters

Air Filters are an essential to ensure that your Mini runs smoothly without attracting environmental concerns like dust and dirt and trapping them inside your engine. To keep your engine systems clean and protected, it is important to change your Air Filters regularly and our range of Air Filters, part of the Mini Mechanical Parts department at Mini Sport has every part & component to meet the requirements of all Mini models.

Replacing your Air Filter is a surprisingly simple job and with a full range of Air Filter types for Classic Mini at Mini Sport – it just gets easier. Browse high quality Cone and Dome Air Filters from recognised brands like Pipercross, K&N and our personally manufactured Mini Sport Air Filters.

For regular maintenance of your Air Filters, we suggest taking a look at the fantastic selection of K&N Filter Cleaning Products which include complete filter service kits, spray cleaners, oils and additives to maintain your air filter.

Please note, we all stock Filter Trumpet Socks, Stub Stacks and Air Filter Elements available for worldwide dispatch!

For further information or fitting advice on any of our Air Filter products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. K&N Air Filter - Weber DCOE 83mm
    Special Price AU$200.19 AU$200.19 Regular Price AU$213.27
  2. K&N Air Filter - HS4 Carb 44mm - Offset Hole
    Special Price AU$111.95 AU$111.95 Regular Price AU$119.26
  3. Standard Air Filter Element - HS2 SU Carb - 850cc
    Special Price AU$10.86 AU$10.86 Regular Price AU$12.59
  4. Standard Air Filter Element - Injection 1992-01
    Special Price AU$9.75 AU$9.75 Regular Price AU$10.53
  5. Mini Sport Chome Pancake Air Filter - HS4 SU Carb
    Special Price AU$19.49 AU$19.49 Regular Price AU$20.91
  6. K&N Pancake Air Filter - HS2 SU Carb - 850cc
    Special Price AU$157.17 AU$157.17 Regular Price AU$167.44
  7. Mini MPI air filter bracket
    Special Price AU$97.67 AU$97.67 Regular Price AU$111.86
  8. Seal - thermal sensor - Mini Spi air filter
    Special Price AU$4.22 AU$4.22 Regular Price AU$4.91
  9. Pipercross Cone Air Filter - HS2 SU Carb - 850cc
    Special Price AU$64.95 AU$64.95 Regular Price AU$71.68
  10. Pipercross Cone Air Filter - HIF44 Carb - 1275cc
    Special Price AU$69.06 AU$69.06 Regular Price AU$71.68
  11. K&N Cone Air Filter - 1.75'' HS6 SU Carb
    Special Price AU$143.63 AU$143.63 Regular Price AU$147.20
  12. Carb Gasket - HS4 Air Filter Elbow Gasket
    Special Price AU$1.86 AU$1.86 Regular Price AU$2.12

Items 1-12 of 51

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