Head Gaskets

Discover our range of head gaskets and gasket sets to suit all Mini 850, Mini  998, Mini 1100, Mini 1275, Mini SPi and Mini MPi engines - part of Mini Sport’s comprehensive range of Classic Mini cylinder head components which covers standard rocker parts, rocker covers, valve guides, valves, valve springs, head gaskets, alloy roller tip rockers and cylinder head bolts and studs

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  1. Cylinder Head Gasket - Copper - 850/998/1100cc
    Special Price AU$14.84 AU$14.84 Regular Price AU$18.01
  2. Cork Rocker Cover Gasket
    Special Price AU$2.13 AU$2.13 Regular Price AU$2.47
  3. Head Gasket Set - 850/998/1098cc - Copper
    Special Price AU$28.48 AU$28.48 Regular Price AU$33.71
  4. Thermostat Housing Gasket 1959-2001
    Special Price AU$0.46 AU$0.46 Regular Price AU$0.61
  5. Cylinder Head Gasket - Turbo BK450 - 1275cc
    Special Price AU$40.91 AU$40.91 Regular Price AU$45.92
  6. Head Gasket Set - Mini 1275cc - Turbo - BK450
    Special Price AU$55.42 AU$55.42 Regular Price AU$62.36
  7. Cylinder Head Gasket - Copper AF460 - 1275cc
    Special Price AU$59.81 AU$59.81 Regular Price AU$68.50
  8. Head Gasket Set - Mini 1275cc
    Special Price AU$16.09 AU$16.09 Regular Price AU$18.85
  9. Uprated Head Gasket Set - Mini 1275cc - Copper
    Special Price AU$70.98 AU$70.98 Regular Price AU$79.86
  10. Head Gasket Set - Mini 1275cc - Copper
    Special Price AU$23.31 AU$23.31 Regular Price AU$25.76
  11. Head Gasket - Mini 1275cc
    Special Price AU$19.46 AU$19.46 Regular Price AU$20.90
  12. Heater Valve Gasket - Valve to Cylinder Head
    Special Price AU$0.97 AU$0.97 Regular Price AU$1.29

Items 1-12 of 16

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Set Descending Direction