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A cast alloy replacement Throttle Body, designed to cure the problems associated with the plastic version such as cracking and warping due to under bonnet temperatures.

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  1. Clip - retaining - P.T.C Heater Mini Spi
    Special Price AU$1.67 AU$1.67 Regular Price AU$1.80
  2. Fuel pipes clamp - Mini Spi
    Special Price AU$5.38 AU$5.38 Regular Price AU$5.69
  3. Screw - heatshield to hot air duct - Mini Spi
    Special Price AU$2.41 AU$2.41 Regular Price AU$2.56
  4. Fuel Trap - SPi
    Special Price AU$40.27 AU$40.27 Regular Price AU$41.36
  5. Plastic Vacuum Pipe - SPi Air Box to Throttle Body
    Special Price AU$12.96 AU$12.96 Regular Price AU$13.30
  6. Vacuum Hose - Stepper Motor to Throttle Body - Mini Mpi
    Special Price AU$21.05 AU$21.05 Regular Price AU$22.23
  7. Screw - abutment bracket to manifold - Mini Spi
    Special Price AU$0.67 AU$0.67 Regular Price AU$0.74
  8. Seal - thermal sensor - Mini Spi air filter
    Special Price AU$4.50 AU$4.50 Regular Price AU$4.75
  9. Throttle Body - 52mm - MPi, 1997-01
    Special Price AU$446.00 AU$446.00 Regular Price AU$457.20
  10. Bracket - Fuel Rail Mini Spi Throttle Assembly
    Special Price AU$19.71 AU$19.71 Regular Price AU$20.82
  11. Facet MPi Power Boost Valve - Fuel Pressure Regulator 1997-01
    Special Price AU$184.48 AU$184.48 Regular Price AU$191.18
  12. Screw-flanged head - M6 x 25 4 0.53 - MPI Throttle Body
    Special Price AU$1.29 AU$1.29 Regular Price AU$1.41

Items 1-12 of 26

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