Works Mini Parts

At Mini Sport, we like to stay true to the Classic Mini’s colorful heritage and our range of OEM (original specification), genuine and replica Works Mini Parts have gained popularity for their style and functionality. Our collection of Works Mini Parts includes accessories & components for both Interior Works Mini Parts and Exterior Works Mini Parts.

Our range includes works style lamp bars, works style headlamps, splash guards, mudflaps, lamp covers, stopwatch panels, switch plates, fuse box holders, dash pea lights, screen deflectors and demist panels to channel that authentic Works style.

For further information or advice on our Classic Works Mini Parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Head Lamp Covers Perspex inc Red Vinyl Straps & Body Fittings
    Special Price AU$198.40 AU$198.40 Regular Price AU$206.28
  2. Alloy Door Switch Plates - Black Crackle Finish - 4 Piece Set
    Special Price AU$93.35 AU$93.35 Regular Price AU$97.06
  3. Carburettor Float Chamber Extension Kit
    Special Price AU$163.38 AU$163.38 Regular Price AU$169.88
  4. H/D Rear Handbrake protector brackets pair
    Special Price AU$70.02 AU$70.02 Regular Price AU$72.80
  5. Auxillary Lamp Cover - 5 3/4'' - Red with White Lucas print
    Special Price AU$45.50 AU$45.50 Regular Price AU$60.66
  6. Auxillary Lamp Cover - 7'' - Red with White Lucas print
    Special Price AU$52.78 AU$52.78 Regular Price AU$72.80
  7. Navigator Foot Operation Horn Switch
    Special Price AU$128.38 AU$128.38 Regular Price AU$133.48
  8. Fuse Box Holder to suit Lucas 6FJ - 2 Fuse box
    Special Price AU$46.68 AU$46.68 Regular Price AU$48.54
  9. MK1 Rear screen stick on demist panel - Thick
    Special Price AU$128.36 AU$128.36 Regular Price AU$133.46
  10. Works Style Lamp Bar - Black
    Special Price AU$117.12 AU$117.12 Regular Price AU$121.25
  11. Dash Pea Light Chrome, each
    Special Price AU$58.37 AU$58.37 Regular Price AU$60.68
  12. Quick Lift Brackets pair - White
    Special Price AU$81.70 AU$81.70 Regular Price AU$84.94

Items 1-12 of 37

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